New PAG-IBIG Membership Identification Number (MID) or Registration Tracking Number (RTN) online registration for Government Employees

PAG-IBIG Fund will migrate into a new system wherein all the transactions with the Fund shall be processed based on PAG-IBIG Membership Identification Number (MID) or Registration Tracking Number (RTN).


All local government units are requested for the immediate registration of all the existing employees that has not been issued with a PAG-IBIG MDN or RTN by informing them to register through the on-line Membership Registration System, which can be access at  If internet access is not available, they may accomplish and submit the Member’s Data Form (MDF) in hard copy to enable them to facilitate the issuance of the      PAG-IBIG MID or RTN.  Take note that non-registration may cause delays in transacting with PAG-IBIG office since the system will now be based on PAG-IBIG MID or RTN. To ensure the online registration of the newly hired employees with the fund before the initial remittance, a copy of the submitted MDF should be submitted in the PHRMO


In case that there are some corrections or changes on the personal details of the concerned employees, you may submit accomplished Member’s Change of Information Form (MCIF) together with the supporting documents to PAG-IBIG Office. For queries and/or clarifications, you may coordinate with the PHRMO for some assistance.


The purpose of these transactions will further enhance their system which will result to better services and benefits for the members and stake holders.