Flagship Projects

K2 Kinse-Kumpleto Serbisyo Publiko Kontra Kahirapan, Gutom, Kawalan ng Trabaho at Korapsyon Program

Strategies have been identified by the Provincial Government of Laguna for its vision to make Laguna the Number One Province in the Philippines. These strategies are embodied in Governor Jeorge "E.R" Ejercito Estregan's Good GovERnance Program called the K2 Kinse-Kumpleto Serbisyo Publiko Kontra Kahirapan, Gutom, Kawalan ng Trabaho at Korapsyon Program:

K1 Security, Peace and Order
  1. Anti Drug Anti Crime Preventive Education Campaign/ Crime Prevention Enhancement
  2. Strengthening Enforcement Capability & Convergence of Efforts
  3. Strategic Communication Offensive/Advocacy
  4. Training of deputized Barangay Tanods Anti-insurgency & Environment Campaign
  5. Investor Confidence Building/Forum
  6. Intelligence Gathering
  7. Civil Defense Capability Building
  8. Motor Boat Handling and Rescue Operations Training
  9. Case Tracking and Monitoring (Databased Management
  10. Traffic Management
  11. Traffic Education/Seminars
  12. Traffic Engineering
  13. Jail Administration
K2 Health Care / Nutrition and Social Welfare
  1. Orange Card
  2. Medical Mission
  3. Provision of social services such as psychological evaluation and counseling to cure the trauma of abuses on the children
K3 Employment, Manpower, Livelihood and Cooperative Development
  1. Microfinance
  2. Cooperative Development
K4 Education, Culture, Youth and Sports
  1. EskolaR ng Laguna Program
  2. Leader ka K! Program
  3. E-Skuwela Program
  4. Eco-Sports Programs
  5. Upgrading and Improvement of Sports Services and Facilities
K5 Agricultural Productivity / Coastal and Fisheries Resource Management
  1. Seed Dispersal
  2. Fingerlings Dispersal
  3. Aquaculture Productivity Enhancement Program
  4. Farm to Market Road
  5. Techno-Demo Varietal Trial
K6 Environmental Protection / Preservation of Natural Resources
  1. Clifer Project - ClifER is an ongoing environmental initiative that encourages Laguneños to protect, conserve, and restore the province’s natural resources, in exchange of computer facilities provided by Ecosave.
  2. Save Laguna Lake - Laguna de Bay plays a big role not only in the lives of every Laguneño but also in the salvation of the environment.
  3. Solid Waste Management
  4. Environment Protection and Preservation of Natural Resources
  5. Implementation of Philippine Mining Act of 1995 (RA 7942), Phil. Clean Air Act of 1999 (RA 8749) and The Clean Water Act of 2004 (RA 9275)
  6. Reforestation/ Watershed Rehabilitation
  7. Community Based Forest Management
  8. Urban Greening
K7 Land Use and Urban Planning / Finance, Ways and Means
  1. Limiting land conversion
  2. Re-conversion of Converted Lands to Agricultural Ones
  3. Conduct Tax Information Dissemination
  4. Establishment of a Real Property Tax thru Geographical Information System (RPT/GIS) in the province
  5. Tax Mapping
K8 Infrastructure, Low Cost Housing/Traffic Engineering & Management / Telecommunication, Water & Energy
  1. Acquisition of Right of Way for widening of roads
  2. Widening of narrow and old bridges
  3. Demolition and relocation of squatters along national, provincial, and municipal roads for widening
  4. Dredging of Laguna De Bay
  5. Dredging of lakes leading to Laguna De Bay
  6. Integration of Water Districts to provide water supply to different barangays
  7. Implementation of circumferential road along Laguna De Bay shoreline from San Pedro to Siniloan
K9 Eco-Tourism / Cultural Heritage and the Arts
  1. Laguna Investor’s Guide - A guide specifically created to promote Laguna’s boundless beauties and opportunities.
  2. La Laguna Festival - La Laguna Festival, the first of its kind, is the grandest Festival of Life that aims to showcase every unique feature of all the municipalities and cities of Laguna.
K10 Trade and Commerce / Science and Technology
  1. Maintenance and strengthening of the Provincial SME Development Council
  2. Design and create an investment brochure and kits
  3. Promotion of investment program for the province
  4. Establishment of an investment office at the SLEX area
  5. Capability enhancement/HRD programs for personnel on SMED and investment promotion
K11 Senior Citizens and Differently abled Sector
  1. Provision of medical assistance through the conduct of medical missions
  2. Procurement of devices like wheelchairs, hearing aids, crutches, eyeglasses, and others
  3. Provide livelihood opportunities that are suitable to their situation to alleviate their living condition
  4. Conduct celebrations and other activities to promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being to senior citizens and differently-abled persons
K12 Solid Waste Management
  1. Development of Provincial Solid Waste Management Plan
K13 Family, Women, Children and Population Management
  1. Child Health Program
  2. Infant and Young Child Feeding Program
  3. Maternal Health Program
  4. Dental Health Program
  5. Family Planning Program
  6. Healthy Lifestyle Program
  7. Visual Health Program
  8. Management of Health Risks/EVS
  9. Micronutrient Supplementation Program/ and Deworming
K14 Moral Recovery and Gender Equality Development
  1. Moral Recovery Program
K15 Sustainable Upland Development
  1. Coordination with LGUs in identifying degraded forest within their respective jurisdiction
  2. Establishment of Forest Nursery at Barangay Lamot,Calauan, Laguna
  3. Provision of technical assistance to LGUs on nursery establishment and maintenance
  4. Tree planting activities on identified degraded forest areas
  5. Conduct community organizing with POs and LGUs concerned
  6. Conduct of training / seminar on livelihood opportunities in the upland area
  7. Workshop / meeting with LGUs, industrial firms, and manufacturing industries